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Design by not designing. 
No design is design. 
The prototype is strong.
Absence of concept is creation.

What’s black? Pepper, lapsang souchong tea, birch tar… even tree moss can bring a lacquered black vibe to a scent. Black Play leans towards the fougère, but with an intriguing, salty twist that can almost be tasted, and a metallic, rosy undercurrent. A very light powdery effect conjured by the tree moss and violet turns these dusky accords into the deep matte velvet of a black swallowtail wing. A little more on the masculine side, but then, women have been known to dabble.

MAIN NOTES: black pepper, pepperwood, red pepper, violet, thyme, black tea, birch tar, incense, tree moss.


eau de toilette

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