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An irresistible, delicious peppery prelude dominated by fine-aromatic, well dosed piquancy and unsuspected deepness sprays graceful sparks of light. While the nose is still trying to categorize the olfactory kaleidoscope of spice and flavor, one already takes off to a vibrant flight through time and space. Eccentric precious wood species and silvery shades of smoke wiggle from the bottom of the densely woven base and start a cosmic dance with the surprisingly reticent main characters jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and rose. These are responsible for the subtle, almost unnoticeable breeze of airiness thus mystically initiating this sparkling flight.

A cozy shade of hay, delicate smoky vanilla and velvet tonka bean tame the gloomy resinous character. The sparkling synergy with the balsamic, lasting base notes reveals the superb ingenuity with which the Italian Arturetto Landi elab- orated 20MARS2022.

One more time, the well-known perfumer counts on reliable, down-to-earth ingredients and not on cheap showmanship. His skilled handicraft draws the attention to the innovative interaction between all molecules which leads directly to a galactic journey through time. 20MARS2022 is absolutely powerful and benefits from its dark and sensual, almost animal-like accents. The woody, smoky composition is exceptionally potent and adjusts teasingly to every different skin. Both women and men are seduced by the complex aromatic and addictive substances whose expressive power and richness open empirical worlds full of contrasts and facets.

Also with the fourth fragrance for RUNDHOLZ perfumes Arturetto Landi created a scent that corresponds perfectly with the brand’s iconic style.

20MARS2022 personifies complexity, ingenuity and dynamic.


Pink pepper, black pepper, saffron, lovage, cinnamon, strawberry

Jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, rose

Frankincense, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, cedar wood, nagarmotha, hay, vanilla, tonka bean, cistus, musk, civet, amber, castoreum 


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