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Ganymede is not only a perfume with a good smell, which
lasts on the skin and offers an intriguing trail. It is also a good
perfume. Indeed, its natural stability has allowed us to avoid
butylated hydroxytoluene. BHT has often been criticized but is
still very often used as a preservative for perfumes and cosmetics. The choice of many of the natural essences and the
decision to bring the perfume concentration to 25% gave it a
beautiful light gold hue. The color may evolve over the time but
has needed no colorant nor UV protection filters.
As we are concerned about helping to reduce our exposure to
chemical compounds that are suspected of disrupting our
health, we have simplified the composition of this second
perfume to use only perfumed concentrate in denatured

Spray bottle


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eau de parfum

740,00 zł tax incl.