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OSANG is inspired by this extraordinary annual Naples’ San Gennaro blood miracle, a scent of viscous
beauty, blood rising, shifting from inertia to bubbling resurrection. A miracle of love. A perfumed
celebration of saints and superstitions, centered around a ravenous fenugreek absolute note lavished
with singed pyrazines, sacrificial myrrh and mournful molten honey poured over everything like
amber rain. Meadow blooms, sticky dark resins, pungent balms and ashen clouds of iris swirl like
dramatic weather. The miracle slowly unfolds from sunlit flowers through a sea of honey and glorious
fenugreek, stirring our hunger into clouds of swirling darkness, golden hope and cindered skies. A
perfume of darkness that slowly explodes into delirious, mysterious light, a Talisman of blood,
seething with shadows and burning magic.
OSANG. A miracle of scented love. An indelible prayer for skin. Limited 30% Extrait de Parfum in truly
unique packaging - drop of red wax on the bottle symbolizes the miracle of love’s essence.

Monumental OSANG bottle is protected by unique handmade cap from Pure Capodimonte Porcelain
representing the profile of San Gennaro and coming with the certificate of authenticity. OSANG
Extrait de Parfum is presented in luxurious Talismans box.

Notes: Heliotrope, honey, meadow flowers, & fenugreek absolute, Sichuan pepper, nutmeg,
labdanum, iris, myrrh, benzoin & styrax, sandalwood, amber, oud, incense, Peru balsam, animalic


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