Peau de bête

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candle  200 gr = 60 hours 

The idea behind this new Eau de Parfum is to innovate through the sensuality of an animal and natural perfume. Reviving the nobility of this animal scent through rare essences, such as the sweat of the horse after its gallop. A hot, enveloping and sensual fragrance through its fusion of animal and human. “Neck still damp “after the last gallop, wild-eyed and ears pointing forwards, it walks, nostrils flaring and chest heaving, I brush my hand along its mane, along its shoulder. Touching my nose, its ethereal and suave looks conceal the grace and gentleness within. Delicate yet fiery, abstract yet dazzling, towards the stables. It is hot and bold. The scent of the animal skin is enveloping.” It is the smell of a stallion after its gallop, of its hot, animal sweat to be tamed beforeit soaks up. 

A wild, natural perfume.

HEAD NOTES: chamomile blue, safranal, cumin seed, madagascar black pepper, parsley seed

BASE NOTES: cadewood, guaiacwood, atlas cedarwood, texas cedarwood, indonesian patchouli, patchouli absolute, indian cypriol, Dominican Republic amyris, pyrogenated styrax, honduras styrax, sweet vernal grass absolute, ambrarome absolute, castoreum base, civet base, skatole


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