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Clean but seductive. Familiar yet strange. Futuristic & rococo. "Millinery, I think, is closer to fragrance than fashion. A hat, like a perfume, is an evocation of something nebulous, ephemeral, and other-worldly".

Stephen Jones

Six years ago, Comme des Garçons teamed up with Stephen Jones to launch his first eponymous perfume, inspired by the smell of a violet on a meteorite. This new offering may well have sprung from the memory of the first meeting between CdG’s Rei Kawakubo and the mad hatter in Anchorage, Alaska.

Conceived as the “positive” to the first scent’s “negative”, Wisteria Hysteria blows a whiff of frost on one of the oldest flowering trees in Japan, where it is celebrated during the matsuri fuji festival. 

Seldom showcased in perfumery, the heady, spicy scent of wisteria borrows from roses, lilac and white flowers. In Wisteria Hysteria, Nathalie Feisthauer entwines its honeyed sultriness with a faintly metallic/mineral whiff (the effect of pepper and incense) to remind us of the city walls it adorns. And, perhaps, of the wrought-iron gates wisteria vines can twist and tear out in their unrelenting embrace (that might well be the “hysteria” facet of the springtime charmer). Or is it a samurai’s katana?

Main notes: pepper, clove, frankincense, white wisteria, rose, mate leaf, musk, styrax, benzoin, amber.

Concept: Stephen Jones Millinery

Produced by: Comme des Garçons Parfums


eau de toilette 

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