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The ultimate anti-perfume. The notes are inspired by dust on a hot lightbulb, bamboo, metal, electricity and lettuce juice…no lie! But what does it smell like? Surprisingly, it's a completely wearable scent; metal and electricity manifest as the invigorating smell of ozone just before a storm, and the combination of we-don't-know-what makes for a familiar soapy freshness. Hot laundry right out of the dryer served up on your clean, sexy Xerox machine. Released in 2000, Odeur 71 continues to make huge stir-not just for its revolutionary scent structure, but because it's a testament that a combination of the truly weird can make a truly fantastic fragrance.

MAIN NOTES: wood, moss, willow, elm, bay leaves, bamboo, hyacinth.


eau de toilette

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