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Hundred Silent Ways, as it’s name suggests, speaks volumes. Saucy, proud and bravely beautiful, this fragrance sings with unabashed joy. Mandarin orange initiates this loquacious fragrance, creating a clean top that’s scintillatingly minimalist. Tuberose and peach emerge beneath mandarin’s penetrating gaze and are both illuminated and screened by its citric power; fruit and flower meld into a sweet, slightly raspy nectar, but neither of these two notes ever grows into its full, dramatic potential. Instead, we move on to the florals that make up the heart of this fragrance. Gardenia is honeyed yet fresh, while jasmine is positively tangy and somehow searing, as if its indolic energy has been transformed into an enlivening acid. Orris is the buttery, powdery padding through which gardenia and jasmine slip, changing from liquid to powder to solid in one neat movement. As these florals trickle down into the base, vanilla is the sea in which they land; a creamy, luscious network of bittersweet, solid waves interspersed with the flinty verdancy of sandalwood and the earthy, slightly saline minerality of vetiver. Hundred Silent Ways is passionate and mouthwateringly delicious, but it is also a finely calibrated fragrance based on lean lines and elegant proportions. This tangy, burning, floral wonder neatly demonstrates the immediate impact of action, and the power of physical communication.
Fragrance Notes:
Mandarin, Tuberose, Peachm White Jasmin, Gardenia, Orris, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Vetiver


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