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Design by not designing. 
No design is design. 
The prototype is strong.
Absence of concept is creation.

What’s red? A cherry. But Antoine Maisondieu didn’t want to resort to the usual tricks of the trade, so he conjured it from a quality of Tolu balsam with a cherry facet, added safraleine for shine – and a leather effect that keeps the sweetness in check --, a drop of red mandarin for sweet juiciness as well as osmanthus and myrrh for their fruity effects. The heart burns like a cinnamon candy, freshened with geranium. 

This cheery cherry is a totally new interpretation of the note, without a drop of added sugar: it takes the “tart” out of the pie, sticks it back in the tree, and is guaranteed to raise the big goofy grin you’d get if you were a kid let loose on an orchard. 

MAIN NOTES: red mandarin, safraleinem, pink peppercorns, red cherry accord, geranium, cinnamon, osmanthus, myrrh, balsam of tolu.


eau de toilette

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