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Incense, to make one dream of a spiritual journey across the world's historical centres. An evolution of time and space.

Series 3 Incense was launched in 2002 and was devoted to the five main spiritual teachings of the humanity:

Avignon – Catholicism
Ouarzazate – Islam
Zagorsk – Orthodox Christianity
Jaisalmer – Hinduism
Kyoto – Buddhism and Shintoism

Each of the fragrances is named after the cities significant for those teachings.

Ouarzazate (to be pronounced as 'war-za-zat') meaning 'the Desert Fire', is devoted to Islam and named after a small historical town of Ouarzazate in Morroco. Ouarzazate brings the smell of precious sweet and intensive Arabian spices and aromatic desert plants. The fragrance becomes milder on skin. The grassy note of sage, a herb that Morroco is known for, wriggles through the spaces, calming pepper and nutmeg, and opening the space for mysterious frankincense.

MAIN NOTES: incense, pepper, nutmeg, clary sage, wenge, musk, vanilla, labdanum, kashmirwood.


eau de toilette

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