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A fragrance that works as a medicine and behaves as a medicament. This was the first bottle held horizontally like a stone at the bottom of a stream. It is addictive, elevates the spirit, brings a positive feeling. It is comforting, with exotic woody and spicy notes.

This is the first fragrance of Comme des Garçons house. This avant-garde perfume does not fit into classical three-phase perfume structures with top, middle and base notes. It is a combination of exciting smells each of which plays its own individual melody in the composition. Therefore, this fragrance has to be tested on skin, because it is not clear which component of the bottle your skin will 'come to love' most. It is also hard to classify it in accordance with olfactory groups. It is a kind of very spicy chypre with dense resin notes. Comme des Garçons in snot aimed especially at women or men. The unisex label does not describe it entirely, as this is a fragrance for a personality. CdG perfume is very distinct, provocative even. It is not sweet; it is spicy fragrance for an interesting person that without a special intent outshines among others. The main components are labdanum, cedar, styrax, galbanum, sandal wood, carnation, hay, black pepper, frankincense, cinnamon, geranium, cardamom, nutmeg, Turkish rose, French honey and coriander.

TOP NOTES: nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, clove.

MIDDLE NOTES: coriander, cedar, rose, geranium.

BASE NOTES: french labdanum, honey, sandalwood, incense, pepper, styrax.


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