L’animal sauvage

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L’Animal sauvage is the first perfume from Marlou. Its essence rises from the finest of elements. Once released from the bottle, fiery notes roar forth through a heady blossom haze before coming to rest, purring and subdued, wrapped in a pelt of cream and musk, upon the skin.

Notes: Orange Blossom, Violet, Sandalwood, Patchoul, Civet, Musk.

MARLOU. One body, one odor,. Odor, expression of material being, the reverence of presence. In this lingering singularity, a signal. A language without words. A footprint of emotion. Marlou’s perfumes question the relationship we have to odors. They are stories to be explored. They become personal, intimate, conceived in order to be adopted. Marlou is a "parfumerie d’auteur", a hand-crafted, boutique production of fine, subtle perfumes, driven by a spirit of freedom rather than performance


eau de parfum

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