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LAVS is based on ingredients that define ritual. A paean to ancient traditions of scent and a hymn for the spirit, this fragrance plays like a fine instrument: resinous fumes seep forth as bow meets strings, as the varnished wood heats with use. LAVS sounds so ethereal you’ll feel an audience of one, all alone while regaled by an invisible musician–or magician. Initially, the solid soloist, rosewood, claims our focus but graciously relinquishes the spotlight to an energetic triplet of oak moss, amber and tonka, their complicated sassy base so deep it vibrates through the floor. In the silence that follows, Somalian opoponax cleanses, a pure soprano, until elemi joins in and renders us senseless with their new, irresistible harmony. Clove and coriander coax labdanum onstage to join the chorus while jasmine, light and sensual, sways forward to the rhythms of cardamom and black pepper to front the show.

MAIN NOTES: jasmine, cardamom, black pepper, elemi, coriander, clove, labdanum, opoponax, palisander rosewood, amber, oakmoss, tonka bean


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